“It’s all right, Paddy, that lad is one of us”


At about 7 p.m. Connolly called and told me to bring an electrician with me and report to Captain Breen, Engineer Officer in Reis’s Jewellery shop at the corner of Abbey St. I got another London-Irish lad, Johnnie O’Connor (Blimie), whom I knew was a spark and we proceeded to Reis’s. In answer to our knock a fierce-looking man opened the door. I told him my instructions and he would not believe me, (My strong Cockney accent put me in a bad position and Blimey’s accent was even worse), and his red moustache bristled up and he dragged me in, presumably to make a prisoner of me, when suddenly a voice was heard saying “Hello, Peter”; coming down the stairs was my own Company Captain Tom Weafer, saying to the man at the door “It’s all right, Paddy, that lad is one of us”.

Bureau of Military History testimony of William Daly, Member of Irish Volunteers London. 1913-1916.


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