SECRET. For Personal Information Only “Rebels…are reported to have machine guns”


Operations Circular No. 89

For Personal Information Only

Rebellion in Dublin

Sinn Feiners who had collected quietly in Dublin, possibly as Bank Holiday trippers, broke into rebellion about midday yesterday the 24th instant and seized the Post Office outing most of the telegraph and telephone wires.

By 9.40pm the rebels were in possession of the Municipal Buildings, Harcourt Street and Westland Row Stations and had entrenched themselves in Stephen’s Green. They are reported to have machine guns.

The Castle, Kingsbridge Station, North Wall and the Electric Power Station were held by our troops.

Troops were on their way from the Curragh and 4-18Pr. Guns were on their way from Athlone by 2am.

Communication is maintained with Amiens Street Station, which is guarded by troops, but there is no communication thence to the Castle. Heavy firing took place in the streets between 2am and 2.30am.

By 3am, this morning the troops had succeeded in occupying the Municipal Buildings. The Rebels were strengthening Sackville Street on both sides of the General Post Office.

The Rebels appeared to be occupying houses with small detachment in various parts of the City. No estimate has been given of the number of the rebels.

/A Message


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