“The CITY OF DUBLIN and County OF DUBLIN are under the subject of MARTIAL LAW”


Whereas, in the City of Dublin and County of Dublin certain evilly disposed persons and associations, with the intent to subvert the supremacy of the Crown in Ireland, have committed divers acts of violence, and have with deadly weapons attacked the Forced of the Crown, and have resisted by armed force the lawful Authority of His majesty’s Police and Military forced. And whereas by reason thereof several of His Majesty’s liege Subjects have been killed and many others severely injured, and much damage to property has been caused.

And whereas, such armed resistance to His Majesty’s Authority still continues. Now, I, Ivor Churchill, Baron Wimborne, Lord Lieutenant-General and General Governor of Ireland, by virtue of all the powers me thereunto enabling DO HEREBY PROCLAIM that from and after the date of this Proclamation, and for the period of One Month thereafter (unless otherwise ordered) the CITY OF DUBLIN and County OF DUBLIN are under the subject of


And I do hereby call on all Loyal and well affected Subjects of the Crown to aid in upholding and maintaining the peace of this Realm and the supremacy and authority of the Crown. And I warn all peaceable and law-abiding Subjects within such area of the danger of frequenting, or being in any place in or in the vicinity of which His majesty’s Forces are engaged in the suppression of disorder.

And I do hereby enjoin upon such Subjects the duty and necessity, so far as practicable, of remaining within their own homes so long as these dangerous conditions prevail.

And I do hereby declare that all persons found carrying Arms without lawful authority are liable to be dealt with by virtue of this Proclamation.

Given at Dublin this 25th day of April, 1916.




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