Drogheda: “A party of 80 Sinn Fein Volunteers marched into Ardee on Sunday 23rd”

Substance of a report from the District Inspector at Drogheda read over the telephone by the Commandant at RIC Depot to County Inspector Holmes of the RIC Office.


A party of 80 Sinn Fein Volunteers marched into Ardee on Sunday 23rd, and took, or were handed, over 20 rifles belonging to the National Volunteers. Next morning they held up people going to Fairyhouse at Castlebellingham, and took their motors, in which they drove about until petrol was exhausted, and then sent drivers home, They shot Lieutenant Dolbert (?) who was motoring at Castlebellingham, and later on same day shot dead Constable Charles Magee of Gilberstown. They then left in direction of Slane. District Inspector Carberry, Drogheda, wired to Belfast for Military, and Colonel McGuiness sent 150 who are guarding the Boyne Bridge and other vulnerable railway points.

There are a strong force of police in Drogheda, and the National Volunteers turned out under arms to help them. The District Inspector says all is safe there. The County Inspector, Navan went to Drogheda, but could not get a report through.


This report was conveyed by a messenger in motor car to RIC Depot

County Inspector Supple reports to Commandant that 14 Sinn Fein Volunteers under Edward O’Kelly, presented rifles at the police patrol (date and place not stated) and then marched towards Dublin.

26th April 1916

Under Secretary submitted copy, Sent to the GOC

W A O Connell


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