“Herewith the… casualties incurred in connection with the Sinn Fein Insurrection”

To The Under Secretary for Ireland

Dublin Castle


I have the honour to forward herewith the 2nd Casualty List, of casualties incurred in connection with the Sinn Fein Insurrection.

I have the honour to be.


Your obedient servant,

[signature illegible] Capt [SA?]


Commanding Troops, Dublin.


2nd Casualty List from King George Vth Hospital

King George Vth Hospital NIL.

Royal Infirmary. NIL.


Adelaide Hospital:

PTE Corner J. 5th R.D. Fus. G.S.W. Shoulder.


Jervis Street Hospital

Sgt…. name unknown 5th RD Fus Dead

Pte Ellis A RD Fus GSW Head

Pte Blunder C 12th Lancers Dead

Pte Foley J 3rd R Innis Fus Femur

Pte Traynor MG Section 2/R Ir. Regt Lung

L/Cpl Knight S 5th Lancers Thigh

Stoker Bobbie Neill RNR Thigh (Severe)


Granville Hotel

Pte Hughes “C” Squad 12th Lancers Dead

Pte Chapman “A” “ 12th lancers Wounded

Pte Gibbs C. “C” “ 12th Lancers Wounded


Mater Hospital

3 Civilians dead and 14 wounded


Richmond Hospital

2 Civilians wounded


Sir Patrick Dun’s Hospital

9 Civilians and two women wounded.


St. Vincent’s Hospital

1 man and 1 women wounded


Hume Street Hospital

Captain Church (RP) from Clondalkin GSW Leg.


Officers Red Cross Hospital, 33 Upper FitzWilliam Street

2/ Lieut RDC Blake, 10th Res. Regt. Cav/ GSW. R. Shoulder


Dublin Castle Hospital 2nd List

Pte Watchorn, 5th R D.F. No. 25026 GSW Chest (Dead)

Pte Lucas        do.            “    “ (Dead)

Pte McAllister 10th R.D.F. No. 26227    “ Hand.

L/Cp] Williamson W. & C. Yeo. No. 2852 Graize Eyeyebrow.

Lieut. Wilburn W. & C. Yeo. G.S.W. Face and Wrist L.

Mulraney 8th Hussars        “    Head (Dead)

Pte Mulaley 10th Cav. Res. No 6836 Graize face and Hands

Tpr Preanall 2/K E.H. No. 1790 G.S.W. Back

Cpl. Pinner 10th Cav. Res. 5306 Sprained Knee

Pte Coxon 5th R.D.F. No. 22164 G.S.W. Abdomen (Dead)

Cpl Teit 8th Hussars No. 5847 Sprained Back

Pte Partington W. & C. Yeo. 2906 Syncope

Brosnan J., Civilian? Lower Castle yard G.S.W. Chest (Dead)

J…                        Syncope

Pte Dalton 5th Lancers No. 10607 G.S.W. Leg. R.

Pte Peers, 8th Cav. Res. No. 4790 “ Thigh R.

Pte Smith 17th Lancers No. 4670 Sprained arm

Sgt. Coote 8th Cav. Res. No. 5292 Blistered feet.

2/Lieut. F. O’Neill 5th R.D.F. Shell Shock

Pte S. MacDonell 8th Hussars, No. 30223 Graize knee l..

Pte Bird 5th R.D.F. No. 23682 Bayonet Wd. Elbow R (Accidental)

Sgt. Regan, Hussars (Lanc) 1627 G.S.W Right Side.


Irish Volunteers

John Howlett, age 17 years, 21 Great Ship Street, G.S.W. Rt. Wrist


2nd Casualty List from Military Hospital, Portobello

4 Civilian dead.


Assistant Director of Medical Services

No. 7/55

26 Apr. 1916

Dublin District




Killed 2

Wounded 2





25/4 Killed     Officers 5

            Men 18

26/4 Killed    Officers 1            6 Officers and 24 men

            Men 6


25/4 Wounded    Officers 7

            Men 46

26/4 Wounded    Officers 4            11 Officers and 70 Men

            Men 24



25/4 Killed 16

Wounded 93

26/4 Killed 15

Wounded 32    31/105


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