“There are all sorts of rumours amongst the mountains. Masses of men marching”

It was dark night when I left Meagher’s house of Anfield that Easter Wednesday night and I took the road to Upperchurch and on to Milestone amid the mountains. I carried no bicycle lamp for obvious reasons and I had difficulty sometimes in finding my way. I had to get down a gulley to get a drink in mountain stream, as I had been taking Oxo tablets which Mrs. McCann had given me earlier in the day to aid me on the night journey and, as a result, I was very thirsty. When I reached Milestone I saw a light in the publichouse there and I knocked. A man came to the door and lasked if there was any chance he would make a cup of tea for me and that I would pay for it. He asked me in, saying “I will make the tea, but there will be no payment. What is the news? You are on some mission”. “Do you know me?” I said. “Certainly I do, you are Eamon O’Dwyer and I am Jim Condon, one of the people of this publichouse”. “Yes, I am on a mission all right” I said. “Where do you stand, are you a member of the Irish Volunteers?”

“Certainly”, he said. “There are all sorts of rumours amongst the mountains. Masses of men marching everywhere”. “Well, I hope it is true” I said. “I don’t know”, he replied.
“Suppose Tipperary is deciding to fight, could you get anything done here?” I asked. “Certainly, I can” he said, “there is a bunch of fellows will come out here”. I said, “in that case we will give you word sometime tomorrow and Kinane will send a dispatch courier to you”. So I drank the tea and bade goodbye to Jim Condon and I took the road to Newport
on the other side of the mountains….

Bureau of Military History testimony of Eamon O’Duibhir, Tipperary County Centre of Irish Republican Brotherhood


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