Irish Office, London: “By the King, A Proclamation”




Post Office Telegram

Message Received in Chief Secretary’s Office

From Irish Office, London To Nathan

Following is a copy of the draft proclamation- Passed to Minister amended 26/4/16

By the King

A Proclamation

For suspending in Ireland the operation of Section 1 the Defence of the Realm )Amendment) Act 15(Right of the British subject changed until defence to be tried by Civil Court)

George RI

Whereas by Subsection 97) of Section 1 of Defence of the Realm (Amendment) Act, 1915,


Is enacted that in the event of invasion or other special military emergencies arising out of the present war, we may, by Proclamation forthwith suspend the operation of the said […ctor], either generally or as respects any […un?] specified therein. And, whereas the present state of affairs in Ireland is such as to constitute such a special military emergency as aforesaid, […r], therefore, we, in pursuance of the powers conferred on us, do hereby order that the operation of the said section be suspended.

Ireland until we see fit to revoke this our Proclamation

Given at their Court at Windsor Castle, this 26th Day of April in the year of our lord One Thousand Nine Hundred and Sixteen and in the sixth year of Our reign God Save the King ( (Ends)

The Proclamation cannot be made today but will be made tomorrow I shall move at once on hearing that it has been signed.



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