“PROCLAMATION Regulations to be observed under Martial Law”


Regulations to be observed under Martial Law

Major-General, the Right Hon. L.B. Friend, C.B., Commanding the Troops in Ireland hereby Command that

  1. All  persons in Dublin City and County shall keep within their houses between the hours of 7.30pm in the evening and 5.30am on the next morning on all days till further notice: unless provided with the written permission of the Military Authorities: or, unless in the case of fully qualified medical practitioners or medical nurses in uniform in the discharge of urgent duties.
  2. All persons other than members of His Majesty’s Forces or Police, or acting in aid of said forces who are seen carrying arms, are liable to be fired upon by the military without warning.
  3. All persons shall give all information in their possession as to stores of arms, ammunition, or explosives, or the movement of hostile bodies to the nearest military authority, or to the nearest police barracks.
  4. All well disposed persons are hereby warned and advised to keep away from the vicinity of all places where military operations are in progress or where hostile bodies are moving and persons that enter such areas do so at their own risk.

[…ated] at Headquarters, Irish Command,

Park Gate, Dublin 26th April, 1916

LB Friend

Major General, Commanding Troops, Ireland.


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