Royal Irish Constabulary Office: “report says matters threatening at Athenry”

Royal Irish Constabulary Office,

Dublin Castle

Received from Insp Genl by telephone from RIC Depot


26 4 16

CI Ennis Wires

Barricades in now at Carrowmore, Carron Br and Kilcolgan entrenchments in each side of road in ditch at Carron Br and Kilcogan also beside all roads to Galway are barricaded have not ascertained any other particulars.

Do not think Gort in any danger 40 men there 11 at Kilcolgan will send to Gort again Tomorrow morning car sent to Ballinasloe has just returned 10.30pm report says matters threatening at Athenry precautions taken Consable seriously wounded at Maryville 4 ¬Ĺ miles from Athenry no particulars yet.

Went to Limerick and saw Military Commander do not know his arrangements yet.


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