“Sinn Feiners marched into Galway, attacked police barracks”

TelephoneMessageFromTheCommandantTelephone message from the Commandant RIC Depot received 8-10pm, 26th April 1916

Inspector general sends me message received from CI Ennis 6.15pm 26th April as follows-

That Sinn Feiners marched into Galway, attacked police barracks. Some policeman, perhaps policemen killed. How soon can assistance arrive at Gort. I am assembling 100 men there.

Inspector General replied to CI-

Carry on with available men at Gort. Reinforcements will be sent when possible.

The commandant says the IG directed him to send a copy of this message to the GOC which he has done, to the Castle and to His Excellency which he is doing


The military at Kingsbridge have just received the following and informed the GOC-

DI Athenry make for immediate assistance of 200 infantry and a gun. I cannot provide from here, but requests to be informed what section is being taken. Message signed “Commanding Troops”, the Commandant does not know where. The IG says I do not know what action the GOC can take in the matter, and it is not possible for me to send any reply to the DI of Athenry. Please inform the Castle and his Excellency.


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