“WE… do hereby warn… all persons engaged in open rebellion against His Majesty”

Spoke Lord Basil. No further proclamation for the present

Vice Regal Lodge,


27th April, 1916.

Dear Sir Matthew,

I enclose the draft proclamation if you will have it printed. His Excellency suggests that I should telephone it to Kingstown, and have it sent by wireless to Queenstown and other Stations on the Coast, so that, if possible, it might be printed locally and distributed in the Provinces.

The Lord Mayor has just been speaking to me on the telephone, very upset because there is some looting in Grafton Street. I have told him that the Lord Lieutenant could not interfere with the Military, but would let them known what he says (the Lord Mayor).

Yours Sincerely.

Basil Blackwood

Whereas his Majesty the King has by Proclamation suspended in Ireland the operation of section I of the Defence of the Realm (amendment) act 1915.

Now WE Ivor Churchill Baron Wimborne Lord Lieutenant General and General Governor of Ireland do hereby warn all evilly disposed persons and all members of disloyal and seditious Associations and generally all persons engaged in open rebellion against His Majesty the King and the Peace of the Realm that by reason of the above proclamation of His Majesty the King all such persons have become liable to be summarily dealt with by Military tribunals and are no longer entitled to a trial by Civil Court.

Given at Dublin

The 27th day of April, 1916.




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