“Armed Sinn Feiners… Military are urgently required at Enniscorthy.

Telephone from the R.I.C. Depot 6-25 p.m 27/4/16


From the County Inspector Waterford

To the Inspector General

Received at Kingsbridge 4-50p.m.

“Last night 2 men from Enniscorthy armed with revolvers and ammunition found loitering in the vicinity of Pierce’s Foundry, Wexford, arrested and are being remanded to Waterford.

At 12 last night two men armed with crowbars, railway pick and wrench, found on railway line between Edermine and Enniscorthy. When called on to halt one of them fired on police from revolver, and police returned fire and succeeded in arresting one of the men, John Tompkins who was in possession of ammunition. He admitted that he and his companion were there to derail to prevent train service.

Policeman found within two miles of Enniscorthy wires cut down. Armed men there who fired on them from rifles. Enniscorthy cannot be got from here as wires cut. Train conveying workmen to Kynock’s held up at Enniscorthy this morning by armed Sinn Feiners who have possession of line. I have informed “Defensible” as to this. Military are urgently required at Enniscorthy. Everything peaceable in county till last night.”

The Inspector General answered this to C.I. Waterford:-

“Your wire received. Many thanks. In future only send concise reports of important events as wires are not available for details. Instruct police to push on where possible into county Wexford to obtain information and if opportunity offers to attack the enemy”.


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