“Governor of Dundrum Asylum telegraphed to me that he is unable to get bread”

27 4 16

  1. Governor of Dundrum Asylum telegraphed to me that he is unable to get bread to Dundrum Asylum. Wants 600 lb. a day [Boland at Kingstown ordered to supply]
  2. Master of the Rolls telephoned to me at ¼ past 11 & is in […] of records [Noted & informed A.G & S.G]
  3. Shelbourne House- […] want to get out of Dublin [Cannot be arranged] He has two National Volunteer rifles. Told report to police who will [pack] them into and conceal them and hand them to military when they go round [..] collect them. [Told to report to nearest police station]
  4. […] O Brien at Gresham hotel wants to get through to England to Mr Redmond (1pm)
  5. The Lord Mayor rang up and (through Capt Kelly) asked whether there was any good asking general Friend whether a deputation if citizens should confer with the Sinn Feiners. I have answer sent that this would be no good.
  6. […] commanding National Volunteers ask if a Republican could come to me from the Volunteers in the matter of which the Lord Mayor had spoken to me [Replied that I would take […] pleasure in the matter]
  7. Spoke Lord Basil re above
  8. Spoke GOC re following:

1. Ford Committee 11am 28 Ch Commdts Office
Col Bolland Capt Kelly
Chief Commdt Mr Andrews Sir Henry Robinson

2. Alteration in Military Regs

Unable to consider at present

9. Mrs Marr would

i) to know where… Red Cross girls would be most useful tonight

ii) to offer hispital accommodation for about 400 in the Red Cross Society Building


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