“Letter from enemy commander in South Dublin Union… It is signed in Irish”

Dublin Metropolitan Police Telephone

Kilmainham Station of Origin Date 27 4 1916 Received at 9.45pm Sent at 10pm

From CC Troops Richmond Bks To O.Commanding Dublin Garrison

Telephone here out of order a.a.a. This message sent through Kilmainham Police Bks. a.a.a.

Mr. Archer of Beats and Coy Kilmainham, offers use of his premises, which overlook South Dublin Union grounds and old tan yard a.a.a. It is situated about 900 yards north west of union main gate a.a.a. I have a rough map of this position of enemy force in union a.a.a. If possible, instructions can be sent through Kilmainham Police Bks to send on this rough map to wherever necessary, if needed a.a.a. This information was given by person known to sender of message a.a.a. Copy of letter from enemy commander in South Dublin Union to M.O. is held by sender of message. It is signed in Irish and dated Monday a.a.a. Sender of message in charge of troops here is absolutely in the dark as to the disposition of forces round him and would be glad to receive any available information a.a.a. There was some sniping on the Barracks today at about 5pm and a child in the vicinity was shot on south side of Barracks.

Telephone at once
Sent by hand to garrison Adjutant


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