Police log 26-27 April: “The Troops are understood to have surrounded the area”

Memoranda from 10am 26 4 16 to 10.00am 27 4 16

10.20am Houses N Brunswick Street occupied by rebels who were reported to be borng the Walls for purposes of interval communication. Rebels reported in the cellars of Moroneys Public House Werburgh St.

10.30 Stephens Green (inside railings) reported clear of rebels

10.50 No sailings to or from N. Wall. Men (some reported to be medical students) reported signalling to Rebels from the top of Richmond Hospital.

11.05am Moroney and his two assistants arrested conveyed Chancery Lane Station

11.18am WT Cosgrave TC been leading rebels at SD Union,

11.40 Shots fired out of Tailors shop Heytesbury St occupied by Carroll and his son-in-law Comerford

11.35 Rebels seen on roof of Coles public House 87 Bride Street

11.45 Military arrive Kingstown and leave for city. Mail boat Kingstown reported leaving about noon. Detectives warned to scrutinize all passengers closely.

12.50pm Rebels cleared out of Fairview and along slob land and stand as far as Marlboro…

1.20pm Constable McGrath 188B wounded on top landing of College Police Station taken to St. Vincent’s Hospital.

2.10pm ammunition reported hidden in Hay Stacks, St Patricks plot Glasnevin

3.45pm Party of Rebels at Thomas’ Court White Flag reported showing on Father Matthew Hall in Church St.

Police directed to prevent suspects leaving by … mail boat from Kingstown Keogh, one of the minor leaders shot near Trinity College

4.15 Rathmines district quiet, Larksfield and Cullenswood House still in Rebel hands. Troops from Kingstown fired on at Ballsbridge and Lane Joynt’s House Pembroke Rd a … number of military pass through Donnybrook going to city.

4.20 RIC report party of Rebels approaching  city from the Ward Co Dublin 80 or 90 of them having camped at the Ward during the night.

6.30 Information that 3 rebels are lying in the grass at Tenter Fields and firing shots at a Jew’s residence named Eppel. Information that Maggie Keogh 15 Dolphins barn conveyed 2 loads of supposed ammunition into Jamesons Distillery Marlowbone Lane and that some rebels are there with arms.

Report that a man had been shot in Prussia St 10pm. Information that Pat Keogh of 15 Dolphins Barn has ammunition stored behind his residence and also that ammunition by a man named McCarthy of Raleigh Place. McCabe of 4 Dolphins barns & at Emerald Square.

10.45 Reported that recently a quantity of ammunitions recently removed from Lightfoots Home Farm Rd and that some was there still-

27 4 16

That Sinn Feiners have been holding meetings in Nolans’ Public House lately.

Ammunition reported at Hemming the Grocer of Tolka Bridge also that Rebels in motor cars had been plying to and from Lightfoots and that rebels were approaching from Swords.

2.30am Information sent out by the Police that Williams Provision Shop corner of Brunswick St and Westland Row was sacked and his assistants in some danger.

It was understood that during advance of Troops from Kingstown they had four casualties at Ballsbridge and had taken 60 prisoners, also that some time yesterday that rebels had unsuccessfully attacked Beggars Bush, had inflicted some losses but had been driven off.

Rumoured that there were 200 wounded rebels at the College of Surgeons.

About 40 prisoners in Ships St Barracks.

The Troops are understood to have surrounded the area roughly lying between College Police Station, Liberty Hall Amiens Street, Broadstone, Malboro Bks, Kingsbridge, Cork St, Thomas St, the Castle and Trinity College.

PTO WE Johnstone cc. 27/4/16

All Police in A B C D E and G Divisions ordered to be ready in Plain clothes to be at the disposal of GOC Troops for Service with pickets etc.


a. 27/4/16


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