“Corner-boys wearing silk hats, ladies from the slums sporting fur coats”

One could see some bizarre sights from the windows during that week: corner-boys wearing silk hats, ladies from the slums sporting fur coats, a cycling corps of barefooted young urchins riding brand new bicycles stolen from some of the shops, and members of the underworld carrying umbrellas. One citizen was carrying a large flitch of bacon on his back, with another walking behind cutting off a piece at bacon with a large knife. Although the detectives, in common with the whole D.M.P. force, were by Commissioner’s orders confined to barracks, members of the housebreaking squad were revolted at the sight of so much stolen property being flaunted before their eyes. They sallied out and soon filled the cells at College St. police station with prisoners who could not be dealt with until the following week when the courts were opened. Meanwhile the prisoners regaled the police with a day and night concert from their places of confinement.

Bureau of Military History testimony of Eamon Broy, I.R.A. Intelligence Agent, Dublin Castle, later Garda Siochana Commissioner


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