4th Casualty List from Red Cross Hospital

4th Casualty List from Red Cross Hospital, Dublin Castle

Pte Bonsar 12th Lancers GSW Wrist Chest and Leg

Sgt Goodliffe 5th lancers GSW Shoulder, Leg and Arm

L/Cpl Murphy C. 5th Lancers GSW Neck

Cpl Hewitt 2/KEH GSW Shoulder L Wrist and Back

Pte Devey AA RAMC GSW Forearm L


Martin Redmond 3 Lenister Place, Rathmines, Irish Automobile Club Attendant. GSW Chest

Woman (Unknown) from Dame Street GSW Head (Dead)


Irish Volunteer

Jamie Connolly 3 Ashe Street GSW Arm

E Hildpin Exhaustion

E Collsy 69 Clonliffe Road GSW Chest

Norris Glanagan, 36 Upper Blessington St. GSW Arm R

William Mellarus, 113 Foley Street, Dublin, GSW Abdomen

4th Casualty List from Military Hospital Portobello

L/Cpl Padmore B 3/R.Ir.Fus. A. Co. Face injury.

Pte Carroll E 2 Garr Bn R.Ir.Fus. Bayonet Wd Knee

2?lieut E Gerrard RFA GSW Elbow R


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