C.I. Dundalk: “14 rebels are on a hill near Dunleer”

Telegram from CI Dundalk, handed in at Dundalk Jcn. At 7.50pm on April 27th. Received in Chief Secretary’s Office at


OC Troops Drogheda has just telephoned to me that 200 rebels have encamped at Kilmoon Co. Meath and will evidently stop there for night. I have wired information to County Inspector Navan. I am occupying rooms at Dundalk Railway Station with OC Troops Dundalk and have been acting in conjunction with him for past 4 days making all necessary arrangements. I have now been informed that 14 rebels are on a hill near Dunleer twelve miles from Dundalk and firing shots in the air. A military officer and soldiers hold the Ry Bridge at Dunleer and can deal with any situation which may arise. Dundalk is so far normal and is strongly patrolled.

CI Dundalk

Repeated to Commandant Depot at 9.10pm immediately on receipt. By Mr. Moriarty.



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