Day 5, Sinn Fein Rebellion: “Mary Murphy… and her four children were starving.”

Top of Sackville Street to top of Gardiner Street Gardiner Street to Bereford Place.

11.25am Dr Keegan Jervis Street Hospital phoned that there were 28 or 30 bodies there, 6 being soldiers and that it was imperative that they be removed at once. Some of them were there since the outbreak and it was a positive danger to keep them.

12.10pm Superintendent C Division phones that 16 DMP men detailed in plain clothes to assist military are awaiting instructions.

1pm. Kilmainham Station phoned from OC RI Regt Richmond Bks that Mary Murphy wife of Pte James Murphy RW 8088 RI Regt Richmond Bks, living at 2 Kearns Place Kilmainham and her four children were starving. No money, no food. Also that men were on short rations at Richmond Baracks and concludes with “what’s to be done?”

1.15pm Assistant Commissioner phones from Law Room Dublin Castle, MR George Foltrell 8 North St Georges St reports great looting in Dorset St opposite Hibernian Bank. Sniping by Rebels from North King Street.

1.15pm Chief Superintendent phones Superintendent A.


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