Day 5, Sinn Fein Rebellion: “mob in Wexford & Camden Sts looting all the shops”

You will detail 9 Constables to Captain Woodhouse at Christchurch Cathedral.

10 Constables to Captain Sleigh at St Catherines Church, Thomas Street.

3 Constables to Lieutenant Sharriott at Guinness Brewery.

6 to OC Picket Kingsbridge Station all at 2pm.

1.15pm Chief Superintendent phone Mountjoy to detail 6P.Co to Lieutenant Dickens tat Richmond Asylum, North Circular Road.

12 Constables to Lieutenant Ryan at Deakins N.C.Rd all at 2pm.

1.35pm Chief Superintendent phones Garrison Adjutant: It is reported here from Wexford Street that there is a large mob in Wexford and Camden Streets looting all the shops.

1.20pm Chief Superintendent to Superintendent C send 12 Constables plain clothes to Captain Wilson at Amiens St Station to be there at 2pm.

2.10pm Superintendent 7 Div phones another 2000 troops have arrived supply of Kingstown in running out shops have been closed.


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