First Meeting of the Food Supply Committee, Lower Castle Yard


First Meeting of the Food Supply Committee held in the Office of the Chief Commissioner of Dublin Metropolitan Police, Lower Castle Yard, on the 28th April 1916

Sir Henry Robinson presided.

President: Colonel Edgeworth Johnstone

Sir Horace Plunkett

Mr Patrick Leonard

In attendance

Mr EH Andrews

Proposed: That the Committee co-opt Mr TB Ponsonby, Kilteera, Foxrock, and invite Mr. Daniel Lane and Mr Charles O’Connor of the Local Government Board,

Resolved: That Colonel Collard, Sir Horace Plunkett and Colonel Johnstone should secure from the Military Authorities a map showing the safe localities where the military consider it advisable to open the shops. On receipt of this information the Police to be instructed to call upon the shopkeepers in each district and request them to open their premises.

To secure from the Military Authorities immediate powers to Commandeer cattle to be sent to the abattoir, North Circular Road, and slaughtered; steps to be taken to inform butchers that they can obtain supplies from there. (Mr Leonard stated that there was about three weeks supply of cattle in Dublin)

Resolved: That steps should be taken to remove the grain ship at present supposed to be at the end of the South Wall to a place of safety. Colonel Johnstone agreed to give effect to this,

Resolved: That Mr. Patrick Leonard and Mr Andrews as representing the Chamber of Commerce invite one prominent man in each trade to consult with the leading

Men of that trade and inform the Committee as to the steps that should be taken to secure supplies for the shops. Grain and flour, meat and vegetables (potatoes) provisions and coal were amongst the trades to be dealt with first. The name of Mr Carten was mentioned in connection with the vegetables and Mr Wallace in connection with the coal.

Resolved: That sir Henry Robinson and Mr Ponsonby should proceed to Kingstown forthwith to meet Mr. O’Brien and ascertain the nature of the complaints received from Kingstown as to the shortage of food and inform Captain Kelly of what steps were necessary.

Resolved: That we meet again tomorrow morning at 10 o’clock in Room 15, Chief Secretary’s Office Upper Castle Yard.

28th April 1916


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