Police log: “Countess McSweeney has been feeding Rebels out of her house”

Sinn Fein Rebellion – 4th Day

Noted events that have come to notice of police from 15am 27th to 10am 28th April ‘16.

10.50am Mr J. Hogan Lieutenant

National Volunteers told Const Fairbrother 38th that he had in his possession at his residence 8 Walkins Buildings Coombe sixteen rifles but no ammunition and wanted to know what he was to do with them.

In the Kingstown District there is neither shooting nor violence but the inhabitants are rather excited. All workmen are out of employment and walking about the streets. A troopship arrived in the morning with troops and preparation for billeting are proceeding.

11.05am. All police available for duty directed to report at once in plain clothes at their stations.

11.15am No prisoners charged in College Station during the night. Looting was reported from Grafton St & sniping in College Green and vicinity during the morning. Artillery left T.C.D. and went along Tara St. Military take possession of Great Bruneswich St and Westmoreland St and prevent persons without permits from proceeding. Heavy firing in Stephens Green.

11.25am Military armoured motor waggon with machine guns formed up opposite Store St Station and played on Corporation St and that area.

11.20am William Doyle 5 Portobello dpt taken to Rathmines Station from Camden St by military on evening of 26th inst.

11.55am 16 rifles, 3 bayonets and 314 rounds of ammunition for sporting rifle surrendered at Newmarket St by Hogan of Walkins Buildings already named.

Police of D Division stopped by military when endeavouring to get to their stations in plain clothes for duty.

11.20pm About 30 Police in plain clothes of D Division sent for duty at the Broadstone Farmines.

12.5pm Owing to the danger of men in plain clothes carrying arms, a military officer at Kilmainham requested Police to be informed that if Loyalists or National Volunteers desire Police to remove arms from their homes to Police Stations it should only be done when a soldier in uniform can accompany Police as a safe conduct.

12.15pm Ms Mor  Police informed that the Rebels have taken possession of Linen Hall Barracks and made prisoners of the military there.

12.38pm. Police informed by Mr Conroy the publican of Green St that the military had organised the two public houses 109 + 110 Capel Street Gilligan’s and Webbs.

1.15pm 3 Constables in plain clothes sent to Kingsbridge Broadstone and Amiens St Stations with a view of deteting Rebels who are trying to travel.

12.15pm National Volunteers have been instructed to report at the nearest Police Station whether they have rifles or ammunitions in their possession.

1.25pm The Chief Supt. received information that there is a notorious Sinn Feiner lodging at 28 upper Fitzwilliams Street and Lad Lane Police Barracks were fired on several times during the day.

Count Plunkett lives in 26 Fitzwilliams St and his daughters were seen getting in large quantities of provisions. It is expected that things are not right there.

Mr Foley 18 Mountain View Kilmainham notifies Police that he has a rifle and an officer’s sword and that he is a Capt in the National Volunteers.

1.50pm G Division informed by Pte Bernard Dufft 5th RDF whose whife lives in St Clarence Street that the houses 1,2 & 3 of Snt Clarence St and other places in that neighbourhood have been occupied by the Rebels who have bored holes in the walls.

2.15pm National Volunteers (4) report at Newmarket Police Stn having arms and sporting ammunition in their possession.

2.45pm Police receive information that a man named Hughes of 28 Jones’ Road who has 2 sons Sinn Feiners has ammunition stored in his residence.

2.47pm Linen Hall Barracks on Fire. Fire Brigade refuse to turn out as firing was so intense.

3.35pm About 30 Refugees from Eden Quay go to College Police Station for refuge being conducted thereto by a military officer. A big fire raging at backs of their residences.

House Surgeon Coombe Hospital wants to know what’s to be done with an unidentified soldier who was on Furlough and was shot dead in Marrowbone Lane two days ago.

4.5pm. Store St Barracks shelled by Rebels and Const Frith of that Station shot and believed to be dead.

4.30pm at 11.15am 27th mid-Thursday 15 Mr Mahon St SCR brought under the notice of St Serg. Thompson. He opened it and found it contained 30 flat nosed cartridges and he sent them to Ship St Barracks.

4.30pm Lieut Williams (NW section Picket) Park Gate St wishes to know if he is to allow milk and other food stuffs into held up at Parkgate St into the City.

4.55pm Supt of A reports that there is firing going on indirection of Marrowbone Lane and an off shot about Jacobs.

5pm Supt of G Division reports that fighting is going on about Rialto and Dolphins Barn.

5pm Everything quiet in vicinity of College Station.

5pm Two National Volunteers report in Newmarket Police Station having a rifle and 2 bayonets in their possession.

5pm Supt of C reports that sniping is going on briskly from the tops of the houses in Gardiner Street.

5pm Supt of D reports that the Police in Bridewell are practically starving as they have only tea and bread. Danger of the fire in Linen Hall Bks extending to Alexander’s oil works and to a timber stores close by rebels have barricaded North King St.

7.05pm Supt of C Div. reports that military have fired several volleys at Store St police Station that several bullets entered the building.

7.50pm Chief Supt notifies under Sec that the D.B.C. Sackville St is burned to the ground.

9.45pm OC troops Richmond Bks reports military phone there is out of order but gets through a long message through Kilmainham Police Station of Enemy movements in S.D Union and the offer to the military for their use in operations a Mr Archer’s premises situated about 900 yards N.W. of Main Gate to Union.

10.15pm National Volunteer John McCluskey 110 York St reported at Chancery Lane Station having in his possession 1 rifle & 2 bayonets but no ammunition.

Also Patrick Dunphy 2 Clarendon Lane having 1 rifle & 2 bayonets another National Volunteer.

10.20pm Fire still raging in Linen Hall Barrack. Military have taken possession of Capel St to near top of North King St have barricaded the streets and searched the houses.

11.15pm Two civilians dead in Baggot St. One a German named Scherstring believed to have lived about Queens Square and the other Mr SC Johnstone G.P. 8 St John’s Road Sandymount.

3.30am Fire brigade phoned to Police that the military prevented the Thomas St Section of the Fire Brigade turning out to a fire in Bridge St.

4am The Sentry challenged between 10 & 11pm a woman supposed name Green at the Barricade in Brunswick St. She stated she was a Red Cross nurse and she was wearing the Red + badge. The Const there knew that she was attached to the ambulance section of the Citizen Army and she was then sent into College Park under military arrest.

4.15am Sniping by both sides still continues around Jacobs.

5.25am Rebels breaking into the Police Courts. 18 Const in the B.well Square close by and these have only a few revolvers.

7.35am Rebels after entering the Police Courts. About 12 of them.

8.50am A Paper “The Irish War News” vol. 1 no.1 sold Dublin Tuesday april 25th 1916 price one penny was given to Col Lieutenant by a lady. It contains an article purporting to describe an attack upon Dublin Castle on Easter Monday. It described the proclaiming of an Irish Republic & Gives the name of the Provisional Govt as follows:

Thomas J. Clarke, Sean Mac Diarmada, P.H. Pearse, James Connolly, Thomas Mac Donagh, Eamonn Ceannt & Joseph Plunkett.

In Foyer 5. Pembroke Park- correspondent of the Irish Times Reports.

Count Plunkett 67 upp Fitzwilliam St has been sheltering Sinn Feiners. McSweeney 31 Upp Fitzw St keeps S.F. boarders Rebels were on the roof yesterday. Countess McSweeney has been feeding Rebels out of her house in Waterloo Rd. Jordan a German Baker of Baggot St has disappeared & is reported with Rebels. His wife lives Eglantine Ranelagh


W.E. Johnstone

Ce. 28/4/16


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