“Ring money & o age pensions not paid… Food scarce owing to military demands”


1) O’Brien of Kingstown Corporation

(i) Ring money & O age pensions not paid

(ii) Food scarce owing to military demands.

[Spoke Norway who hopes MacMahon will arrange today – Referred to food committee]

2) Needham at 33 FoxRock re Lord Fingall bringing in Mr Andrews for Comm. [Arranged]

3) Basil Blackwood re Martial Law proclamation [Attorney General has drafted]

4)  Governor of Dundrum in reply to question agrees to take 250 loaves intead of usual 300 on account of general shortage.

5) Norway in addition to (i) spoke about difficulty in getting money. [Asked to … requirements – when I would see about following from Bank.]

6) Sir William Watson (Tel. No. 1239) rang me up re food for his employees at Eden Quay [… to Sir H. Robinson]

7) Sir Horace Plunkett spoke with me with regard to […..] Tel no. 532 willingness to help with … with p…l clergy. [noted]

8) Mr Cary (270 Kingstown) wants Capt Kelly. [Capt K. informed]

9) Connolly from Park Gate […] reports …. [Told to remain at Lucan Hotel (28 Lucan)]

10) City Bakery Store Street. Plenty flour, no … , which is at Docks. [Referred to food & supply committee]

11) Called up Lord Mayor re burial of bodies. Said I might rely on him. Asked if he had done anything for North side. Apparently had not byt agreed with my question that committee might be formed for that side.

12) Sir Henry Robinson asked if I could .. rations for relief of districts.


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