Sinn Fein Rebellion: “Send up supply of bread & milk for soldiers wives”

8pm Captain Sleigh St Catherines Church Thomas Street to OC Troops “Please send up a supply of bread and milk for soldiers wives who are in need of it here.

8.10pm Chief Superintendent to Superintendent A Please cause Chancery Lane and Newmarket Station to be locked and bring men to Kevin Street Barrack and Harbour Bks is also to be locked up and the men from there sent to Kilmainham.

10.35pm Superintendent C to Chief Superintendent Hickey’s the Drapers supposed to be on fire. Snipers still busy. I sent out 12 men to assist the military at 1pm today. 4 of them have returned, others reported to be all right.

10.30 Asst Master had a Pte Soldier who was forgotten at his post in the Union Bake House conveyed safely I a coffin to the military guard at Rialto.

10.30pm Superintendent D to Chief Superintendent Bridewell cut off from Communication since 11am.


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