5th Day, Sinn Fein Rebellion: “Charles Kavanagh (15)… had died on Thursday”

5th Day Sinn Fein Rebellion

28.4.16 to 29.4.16

Chief items of interest that have come to Police notice from 10am 28th to 10am 29th April 1916.

10am HS Temple Street Hospital reports that Charles Kavanagh aged 15 years who was brought in there shot on Wednesday had died on Thursday. Also that several other persons were wounded there.

10.10am The Chief Superintendent notifies Bridewell by phone that the military are now going to shell the Four Courts and directs that they get down in the cellar and take all the shelter possible and to do so quietly.

10.10am Detective Dept informed that Gorey roads and railways clear to a 4 mile radius at Enniscorthy in that circle road blocked by felled trees. Scarawalsh Bridge 3 miles north of Enniscorthy blown up. Enemy concentrated in Enniscorthy. Arklow admiralty and military informed.

11am A Mr. Wilson intimated that looting was going on at Duke Lane off Grafton Street.

11.10am The Chief Superintendent makes arrangements for plain clothes consts to accompany military in the Four Sectors Grattan Bridge to interaction of Gt Britain and Capel St: Gt. Britain St.


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