“Arrangements are being made to intern in England all Sinn Feiners”

COMMUNIQUE, 29th April 1916.

The Sinn Fein rebels in the area Capel St, Great Britain St, and Lower Gardiner St, are completely surrounded by a cordon of Troops which is gradually closing on to the centre. The Troops assisted by Artillery are gradually overcoming resistance. One of the principal rebel leaders, P.H.PEARCE, is known to be inside the cordon suffering from a fractured thigh. The woman known as Countess Markievitch has also been seen inside. Another leader, JAMES CONNOLLY, is reported killed.

The adjoining area containing the Four Courts is also surrounded by a cordon which is closing on its centre and containing therein most of the rebels. A Division, complete with Artillery is now operating in the Dublin Area and more Troops are constantly arriving.

Arrangements are being made to intern in England all Sinn Feiners captured or surrendered who are not dealt with here.

ROGER CASEMENT has declared that GERMANY has sent all assistance that she is going to send, and this is now at the bottom of the sea.


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