Day 5, Sinn Fein Rebellion: “Shots were fired from [Burkes] public house”

6.50pm Chief Comm informs Col Halls that Wallis stables are at Empress Placec Heitons at South Gloucester St and toward St Tedcatly in Erne Street near Wkow which is in the hands of the rebels.

6.40pm The Recorder phones to Chief Commnr that when on his way to the castle he was stopped by the Military who he states would not see to his pass. He phoned from his residence.

4.20pm Information to Police at Mountjoy that despatches were delivered on the River at the house 13 St Clements Road Drumcondra by women on bicycles relative to Insurrection.

The house is occupied by Mrs Kearns who has 4 sons Rebels.

6.45pm Information at Kilmainham Station that at 11am she saw 2 paupers of SD Union take a large sack of bread from the Union into Burkes public house opposite the Union for the use she believes of Rebels. Shots were fired from the public house during the night and it is thought the Rebels are hiding there. They are also believed to be in Hardimans close by.


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