“Food Committee are opening Distributing Depots… flour, bacon, butter, margarine”

Dublin Metropolitan Police Telephone

Station of Origin Date 29 4 1916 Received at 11.55am Sent at

From Asst. Comm To Supts E & F

The Food Committee are opening Distributing Depots at Kingsbridge, Amiens Street, Mid. Rly. N. Wall, Gt Southern, North Wall and Kingstown. You will detail sufficient men in plain clothes to go around to the various provision shopkeepers, tell them they can open their premises. Obtain from them a list of food supplies such as flour, bacon, butter, margarine, or anything else they may want, and send it to Head Quarters with the name and address of each shopkeeper. Motor Lorries will deliver the goods and payment can be made by cheque.

You will also inform RIC around your district of this arrangement by phone.

Phoned to Superintendent E Division at 12.05pm

“ “ through Kingstown


Fire Brigade at 12.25pm 29 4 1916 JM

A similar message was ordered to be sent to Superintendent A B C and D Divisions with the following addition: It is understood that police are not to go into areas where they would be in danger of being shot.

Phoned to Superintendent A at 1.20pm 29 4 1916

“ “ C at 1.30

“ “ College Station at 1.35

Could not be sent to Superintendent D as the line is out of order.


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