“From Ballsbridge to Rathmines… said to be reasonably safe”

Insp General

Mr Norway sec GPO phones to me from the Hibernian Hotel that the road from Kingstown to Ballsbridge and from Ballsbridge to Rathmines and Portobello bridge and Morehampton Road said to be reasonably safe. He asks whether this is correct and states that if it is he is prepared to announce a mail dispatch from Rathmines Rathgar & Ballsbridge to England at 4pm today. The dispatch from the 3 offices to Kingstown would be by car. He asked me to ascertain from the military authorities whether the road mentioned is reasonably safe. Capt Burton garrison Adj advises that the matter be referred by the Under Secretary to the G.O.C  a& he offers to send on the letter to the Irish Command Hdqrs,

JE Holmes 29.4.16

From Under Secretary

To Chief Staff Office MHQ

Post Office prepared to advertise that letters for Great Britain posted at Rathmines Rathgar and Ballsbridge will be conveyed by mail steamer tonight. Can you inform me just if there is any military objection to this & secondly if routes from places named to Kingstown are reasonably safe. Nathan


Phone Message

To Sir Matthew Nathan


With reference to your Phone message this morning regarding posting of letters for Great Britain, there is no military objection to the propsed arrangements.

Head Quarters



Norway Informed

MN 4/5


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