“I shall not hesitate to destroy all buildings within any area occupied by rebels”


Dear Sir Matthew Nathan ,

Sir John Maxwell directed me to send you the enclosed copy of a Proclamation which he is bringing into force at once.

It is for use in these areas which are now surroundedby troops & against which vigorous will shortly be taken

He proposes to introduce it into the areas through the medium of the Priests & it will have the effect of giving the women, children & non-combatants a chance of escaping

Your sincerely

H Byrne


NB I enclose a copy for Mr Birrell.



I, General Sir John Grenfell Maxwell, K.C.B., K.C.M.G, K.C.V.O, D.S.O., Commanding in Chief His Majesty’s Forces in Ireland, give warning that most vigorous measures will be taken by me to stop the loss of life and damage to property which certain misguided persons are causing by their armed resistance to the Law.

If necessary I shall not hesitate to destroy all buildings within any area occupied by rebels, and I warn all persons within the areas specified below and now surrounded by His Majesty’s Troops forthwith to leave such areas under the following conditions:-

  1. Women and children may leave the area through any of the examining posts set up for the purpose and will be allowed to go away free.
  2. Men may leave by the same examining posts and will be allowed to go away free provided the examining officer is satisfied that they have taken no part whatever in the present disturbance.
  3. All other men who present themselves at the said examining posts must surrender unconditionally together with any arms and ammunition in their possession.



28th. April, 1916. (Sd.)J.G MAXWELL, General. Commanding in Chief H.M. Forces in Ireland.

Specified Area……………………..


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