“No question but that any surrender accepted will be unconditional”: Nathan

Chief Secretary:

I transmit a memorandum I have just received from the Attorney General.

As regards the first point there is I imagine no question but that any surrender accepted will be unconditional. I doubt whether in any place where a military force is not actually present to enforce it there will be any surrender of the persons who have taken part in the recent insurrection whether in the City and County of Dublin or in the rest of the country. These persons will probably when they hear of the surrender of the rebels in Dublin disperse and conceal their arms.

As regards the Attorney General’s second point I presume there will be no cancelling of the martial law proclamation for the moment and that while that remains in force prisoners will be dealt with under it by Military Courts for treasonable and seditious offences as well as for breaches of the Regulations under the Defence of the Realm Acts.

Representations with regard to the third point were, I am informed, made today by the Chief Commissioner of Police to the Lieutenant General Commanding.

MN 29/4/1916



H.Q. Irish Command

30 April

Dear Sir Mathew Nathan,

The Commander in Chief has read the attached letter which he desires me to return to you.


R Chat….


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