“Inhabitants are in a dreadful state owing to having no food… especially the poor

Dublin Metropolitan Police Telephone

Station of Origin Date 29 4 1916 Received at 12.15pm Sent at 12.20pm

From SS Finn memo To Provost Marshal

Councillor Gleeson and the Rev 71 Ryan Cullen here and desires the following message to be forwarded to you/

Referring to notification received last evening from Military Head Quarters relative to appointment of Relief Committee Councillor Gleeson now desires some information as to a temporary relief today under proper supervision as the inhabitants are in a dreadful state owing to having no food more especially the poor. The people are coming to Councillor Gleeson for some information at once. At the present moment the Cabbage fields of Mr Ennis close to Kilmainham Station been (over) been taken by the people and some immediate steps must be taken. Mr Gleeson awaits orders and instructions, aid is prepared to help military Police and Relief Committee.


Copy to Under Secretary

Captain Kelly mn — Police tell Gleeson or Ryan to call at Kingsbridge Stn see O’Neill or Captain Dounes for supplies

Message phoned to Kilmainham Station for Gleeson and Ryan at 1.45pm 29 4 1916 jC


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