“Insurgents… preparing for another attack… the D.I. asks for a flying column”

Decipher of wire from the Commissioner, Belfast, received at 4-50p.m. Handed in at 1-50p.m. 29/4/16.

Message from the D.I. Slane just received – definite information that about 200 insurgents are encamped at Ashbourne where encounter took place yesterday and are preparing for another attack, expected to march into Slane. Only a few men at Slane. Require a force of militayr and police. D.I. has been speaking to G.O.C. Belfast who has advised him to get through Commissioner Belfast. Ashbourne is about 12 miles from Slane and the same distance from Dublin. The D. I. asks for a flying column to be sent him at once as he is badly in need of help. G.O.C. here will try to communicate with G.O.C. Dublin.



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